Spotlight: Get to Know Cinderella's Prince Charming, Chun Jung Myung!

He is the Prince Charming of our modern day Cinderella! He is the leading man in the newest Primetime Koreanovela, "Cinderella's Sister"! Let's get to know Chun Jung-Myung!

Chun Jung-Myung takes the character of Ki-hoon or Timothy. He is the love interest of the lead star Moon Geun Youn who is playing the character of Zaren.

Timothy is a a devoted and supportive figure to the characters of the step sisters Zaren and Briana. Although he harbors pain of his own, he tries not to let that show and instead flashes his soft smile, while he goes on silently working toward success.

Seeing this Korean heartthrob, he really looks very young and handsome. But did you know that Chun Jung Myung is already 30 years?!

Yup, he is turning 30 years old this year! He was born on November 29, 1980. Wow, he really looks very young and ageless! Nice!

Here are some more photos of this cute hot Korean actor. You may take a glance on them and even keep some!

Chun Jung Myung is a South Korean actor and model. He already appears in different TV commercials and billboards in South Korea. He even becomes a cover guy of different magazine. He's really an in-demand endorser!

Chun Jung Myung studied physical education at Sangji University and received an academic degree from the same school. He fulfilled his military service from January, 2008 to November, 2009!

After being discharge from the military service, Chun Jung Myung is putting all his determination into his role in order to become a genuine actor! Yup, he is now pursuing to be one of Korean's best actor! And for him, life begins at 30! Since he is already 30 years old now, he is now starting and fulfilling his dreams!

Aside from "Cinderella's Sister", Chun Jung Myung already appeared in the different Korean TV series before like "What's Up Fox?" as Park Cheol-Soo in 2006, "Goodbye Solo" as Kim Min-Ho also in 2006,"Fashion 70's" as Jang-Bin in 2005, "Beijing, My Love" as Wan-Sung in 2004, and in "School 2" as a student in 1999! Wow! He's really a certified actor!

Well, do you like Chun Jung Myung?! Will his star further shine brighter?! We are really looking forward for more of this cute Korean heartthrob! Keep it up Chun and more power! C",)

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