More 'I Love You (Autumn's Concerto)' Photos Portraying a Happy Family!

Aside from the different TV series promo posters of this exciting new romance-melodrama Chinovela, different photos were also scattered.

These are photos featuring the three main cast Vanees Wu, Audrey An, and a child actor. They were a one big happy family in the picture.

Take a quick glance at these inspiring photos from "Autumn's Concerto":

Yup, Vanees Wu portraying the character of Stanley and Audrey An playing Michelle will have a child in the story. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first Asianovela of Vaness wherein he had a son.

"I Love You So" originally titled as "Autumn's Concerto" or "Next Stop, Happiness" tells the story of a wacky lawyer named Stanley/Ren. He will fall in love with a simple girl named Michelle. Stanley will undergo major brain operation that will lead for the disappearance of all of his memories. He will even forget that he loved Michelle.

Michelle will left Stanley believing that leaving him is the best way for his recovery. She will even gave birth to their child.

Will this child be the reason for the return of Stanley's memory? Will this child even know that he has a father who suffered from sickness?!

Looking at these photos, they three were really perfect! They portray a happy perfect family! Very nice! So sweet!

"I Love You So (Autumn's Concerto)" will premiere today before "Sabel" in the Hapontastic block of ABS-CBN. The theme song of it is the song also called 'I Love You So" by Toni Gonzaga! C",)

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  1. hay nako,,dapat tayo ang ginagaya o pinapanood ng mga ibang lahi,,kase mas ok naman tayong umarte kesa kanila,,siguro,,we need to export r movies/tv series sa ibat ibang bansa lalo na sa asian,europa o america,,well,ang gusto ko sa mga koreanovela,,ay ibat ibang tema/genres at casting nila,,maging sa titulo ng tv series nila,,may dating at interesting,,