Meet the Modern Day Cinderella in 'Cinderella's Sister'!

Another new Koreanovela just started in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. Since last Monday night, everybody is really captivated by the story of this so called "Cinderella's Sister"!

"Cinderella's Sister" is a new Primetime Korean TV series that replaces Lee Mi Ho's "Perfect Match." But unlike "Perfect Match" which is romance-comedy TV series, "Cinderella's Sister" is a heavy drama story.

Moon Geun Youn is the lead character who is portraying the character of Zaren.

Zaren is a girl who grew apathetic towards life because she was raised by a mother who is always relying on her man. Her whole life changes when her mom finally found the right person to marry and takes her to her stepfather’s house.

Zaren is now comfortable with her new life though its luxurious. She will be living the same life with Cinderella. Things get even more complicated when her new stepsister Briana (Seo Woo), who is the apple of her father’s eye and loved by almost everyone, enters their lives.

But unlike the story of Cinderella, it seems that the lead character is the one competing for the attention and affection of the people around her. Zaren feels that Briana is taking away her mother from her. She will do anything just to get all the things seem taken away from her by Briana. But actually, Briana has no intention of taking away Zaren’s mom from her and even tries to reach out to Zaren so that they can be real sisters.

And of course in every Cinderella story, there is a Prince Charming! Timothy (Chun Jung Myung) will be Zaren's Prince Charming in this story. With Timothy, the conflict between these two half-sisters will intensify.

Well, let's all catch the story of "Cinderella's Sister" every night in Primetime Bida right after "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"! C",)

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