Kim Chiu and Sam Milby Together in 'Your Song Presents!'

Finally the much-awaited dream tandem of Primetime Drama Princess Ms. Kim Chiu and the Acoustic Heartthrob and Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby will take place this Sunday!

Yup for the very first time, Kim Chiu and Sam Milby will be paired in the Sunday afternoon mini-series "Your Song Presents: Kim"! And everyone is really excited for this teamup.

Actually all is requested that Kim Chiu be paired with Sam Milby in the future TV series or movie project. And that wish will be granted this Sunday!

Kim Chiu plays the role of a clumsy hotel servant. Sam Milby on the other hand portrays the rich businessman. Their path was collided in one of the hotel incident.

Kim and Sam in the story were living in two opposite world. Sam is a rich man while Kim is a simple poor girl. Their status in life will be a hindrance in their love story!

Well, let's all watch this cute teaser of "Your Song Presents Kim" starring Kim Chiu and Sam Milby:

It seems that they were match made in heaven! Their tandem is really promising!

Actually in the previous teleserye of Kim Chiu which is "My Girl", everyone is requesting that Sam Milby will be her leading man instead of Gerald Anderson. But still the role of Julian was given to Gerald since Kimerald is a hottest pair!

Do you like the tandem of Kim Chiu and Sam Milby?! Will you support for a future Kim-Sam TV series or movie project?! Did they really posted a perfect chemistry?!

Nice one Kim and Sam! They two were really the best and the brightest. In pair or individually, they were really the hottest stars of today! Keep it up! C",)

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  1. mas ok talaga ang iba iba ang kapareha kada movies at show,.may growth iyon sa mga stars,,wag yung ulit ulit nalang sa loveteam,,di na uso ang ganun now,,nakakasira lang ang ,loveteam na pinauso sa phil showbiz,,hehe,,gugustuhin ka ng tao namankahit ikaw lang,,depende yan sa star apil mo,,.para di pagsawaan ,..mas ok iba iba ang kapareha,,yun lang yun,,sana ipareha si COGIE DOMINGO,,RAFAEL ROSEL,JOSEPH BITANGCOL,,JON AVILA,PRINCE STEFAN,,VIVO OUANO din kay kim,,

  2. ..y not with matt evanz...