Jake Cuenca Will Play a Villain in 'Green Rose'!

The Kapamilya hunk actor Mr. Jake Cuenca will now portray the character of an antagonist in the upcoming Koreanovela adaptation "Green Rose"!

Jake will play the character of Edward Fontabella, a rich business man who is thirst for wealth and power! He will be the main villain of Jerome (Jericho Rosales) and the other love interest of Angella (Anne Curtis). He will make the love story of Jerome and Angela really miserable!

If you wonder who originally portrayed Jake Cuenca's character before in the original Korean version of "Green Rose", here he is below:

Yup, he is Lee Jong Hyuk, the Korean actor who originally played the role of Edward which will now be portrayed by Jake.

In this new TV series, it seems that Jake's character is supporting to Anne and Jericho. Unlike before such as in "Tayong Dalawa", Jake shared a limelight with Gerald Anderson as his twin brother. He even played a powerful superhero in "Elias Paniki".

But actually, Jake's character now is really challenging! This time he is a villain! If in his last Primetime TV series "Rubi", people really loved him as he portrayed the good and kind-hearted doctor Alejandro, this time in "Green Rose", people will hate him being the greedy Edward!

But according to Jake's interview, he really love his new character and he is very OK with it!

How about you, will you love to see the brand new Jake Cuenca here in the upcoming "Green Rose" Philippine adaptation?! Which is better for him, to play good characters just like he did in his previous soaps or to be an antagonist now?! Well for me, Jake Cuenca is very versatile! He can do both with flying colors! Nice one Jake! You're really a one very hot actor! Thumbs up! C",)

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