The Full Trailer of the Epic Series '8 Kingdom'!

TV5 will air this January 24, 2011 the biggest and the popular Asian epic-series from China. This is the "8 Kingdom"!

"8 Kingdom" is the so-called very first Telegrande on Philippine TV. Originally, the title of this series is "Demi-Gods and Semi Devils"! We didn't know why the Kapatid network changed the title of it to "8 Kingdom"!

Below is the official poster of this new TV series:

"8 Kingdom" or "Demi-Gods and Semi Devils" is a famous novel of Jin Yong. It already becomes a hit film and a hit TV series from the past. In 2003, it is revived in a TV series. This newest version is the one we will see in TV5 on the last week of January. It is already aired in the different Asian countries and got many different awards and citations!

This multi-million epic masterpiece from China also showcases impressive fight scenes, timeless romance, and dazzling samples of cinematography.

And also, it's good to see that the "Amazing Twins" star is also part of this hit new TV series! Nice!

Well, let's all watch the full trailer of this new Asian epic-series now called "8 Kingdom"! Will it become a hit TV series here in the Philippines?! We'll see! c",)

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  1. Seen some of this tv series...EXCELLENT!