Dennis Trillo and Ogie Alcasid Will Play Rival Gays in the Upcoming Regal Films Movie!

Two Kapuso stars Ogie Alcasid and Dennis Trillo will topbill the upcoming Regal films movie. In this new movie, Ogie and Dennis will portray the characters of two rival gays!

The upcoming movie of Regal film is called "Mahinhin vs Mahinhin". Dennis and Ogie will play the role of two rival cross-dresser gays! Yup, they were feminines in this new movie.

We may recall that both Ogie and Dennis already portray gay roles in their previous movie or TV projects. And they were really look very beautiful women when they cross-dressed!

Ogie Alcasid has done cross-dresser gay several times. In "Oh My Girl" (OMG), he portrayed the role of a man who disguised as the aunt of the woman he loves. In "Yaya and Angelina", he played a spoiled brat girl! We even see him in the gag show "Bubble Gang" portraying different girl roles!

Dennis Trillo on the other hand got his first acting awards in the film "Aishite Imasu" (Mahal Kita), an MMFF film entry with 1941 setting where he portrayed a cross-dressing spy! We even see him playing different girl roles in their gag show "Bubble Gang"!

Well, are you excited for this new movie?! Will this be another blockbuster one?! Will Ogie and Dennis really pitted for the role?! C",)

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  1. Is Ogie getting tired of playing women in his films? Still, a Dennis vs. Ogie film is still worth watching.