Aljur Abrenica's So-Called "Machete Diet!"

Aljur Abrenica is now launched by the Kapuso station as this generation's "Machete"!

As you can see in his latest "Machete" promo pictures and "Machete" trailers, Aljur now is very sexy, hot, and yummy! His abs and body were perfect! But do you wonder how Aljur got that sexy fit body?!

Yup Aljur really prepares for his new role. He got different trainings and made some diet. He follows the so-called "Machete Diet"!

What is this so-called "Machete Diet"?! And how did Aljur prepare to got the sizzling hot body to die for?! Well, here are some of the video clips wherein Aljur revealed his sexy secret! Let's all watch these:

As per Aljur, aside from going to gym for rigid workouts, he even follows his very own "Machete Diet"! Instead of rice, he eats camote! He even eats "nilagang baka" and chicken. Of course steamed fish, tuna, and some fruits and vegetables were part of it!

In terms of physical trainings and workouts, Aljur has a personal trainer! Everyday they performed rigid workouts. Push-ups and running to a highland were some of his trainings! Of course keeping his desirable seductive abs were part of his exercise!

And now you see the results! A perfect, a hot, a sizzling sexy yummy Aljur Abrenica! He is now really fitted for the role of "Machete"! He is now very masculine!

So starting this Monday, we will finally see the brand new Aljur Abrenica reprising the character of this generation's "Machete"! We're looking forward for the success of this new fantasy TV series! Great one Aljur! Perfect hot body! Two thumbs up! C",)

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