Poll Result: 'ASAP XV' is the Undisputed Best Sunday Musical Variety Show!

The Sunday afternoon musical variety show of ABS-CBN called "ASAP XV" remains to be the undisputed show and consistently on top! Once more, "ASAP XV" proves that no other Sunday afternoon program can beat it!

Our latest poll survey result further reveals its dominance! On the battle between GMA-7's "Party Pilipinas" and "ASAP XV", the ABS-CBN musical variety show emerged as the winner! Nice!

Here is the exact poll survey result of the battle between "ASAP XV" and "Party Pilipinas":

As you can see, of the overall total votes of 1483 for this poll, "ASAP XV" got a victorious landslide votes of 1333 or 89%!

The total votes got by "Party Pilipinas" is very, very far from "ASAP XV"! It only got an overall total votes of 150 or 10%!

People once more prove that "ASAP XV" is their well-loved Sunday afternoon musical variety show! It is the Sunday afternoon TV program they watched most and really gives them a total entertainment!

Aside from our poll survey, the TV ratings got by "ASAP XV" in Mega Manila and in Nationwide race show that "ASAP XV" is in great lead over its rival "Party Pilipinas"! Even the defunct Sunday afternoon TV program 'SOP" was even beaten by "ASAP XV"! That was mainly the reason why the former "SOP" transformed or reformatted into "Party Pilipinas"!

Even though the former "ASAP XV" stars like Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go transferred to "Party Pilipinas", this said Kapuso variety show didn't even won over "ASAP XV"!

Good job "ASAP XV"! You're definitely the best! "ASAP XV" is the longest running Sunday musical variety concert show on TV! It is already 15 years! Wow! Actually the XV in "ASAP XV" means 15 which pertains to its year of existence! Great! God bless to this show and more power! C",)

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