More 'Martha Cecilia's Kristine' Book 2 Sexy Photos!

The second book of this Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" is mark with the addition of new characters and new love pairs. Of course it is more daring, sexier, and hotter!

Here are more photos of "Kristine" Book 2!

The New Love Pairs:

Bernard Fortalejo and Diana Montero

Nathaniel Cervantes and Jasmin

Marco De Silva and Scarlet Saavedra

The New Leading Ladies:

Bangs Garcia as Diana Montero

Iya Villania as Atty. Scarlet Saavedra

Kristel Moreno as Jasmin

From the cast and story flow, this Book 2 of Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" is totally different from the first one! Besides being more daring, the twist intensifies!

What can you say about this second book? Do you love it? Do you love the new characters in the story? How about the new love teams?!

Definitely, "Kristine" really put our cold December nights into sizzling hotness! Ooh-lala! C",)

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