Iya Villania is the New Love Interest of Rafael Rosell in 'Martha Cecilia's Kristine'!

The love story of Marco De Silva (Rafael Rosell) will prosper even though the character of Denise Laurel as Emerald Fortalejo was not anymore in the Book 2 of this Martha Cecilia's "Kristine"! Ms. Iya Villania will take the place of Denise Laurel as the new love interest of Rafael Rosell!

Iya plays the character of Scarlet, the new woman in the heart of Marco! She will replace Emerald in his heart!

With Iya Villania's entry in this sexy hot TV series as Rafael Rosell's new partner, definitely it already answers the speculation of many if Denise Laurel will return in the said series. Since Denise refused to do daring role here in "Kristine", Iya Villania eventually replaces her! Therefore, expect that Emerald wouldn't anymore comeback and 'Rafnise' tandem will not anymore be seen here in this TV series. But Rafael Rosell is still part of this successful teleserye that's why Iya is chosen to be her new partner!

"Kristine" is not the first time that Denise rejected an offer to do daring or sexy role and given to Iya. Reports said that the Tanduay 2011 Calendar Girl was also offered to Denise. But Denise also didn't accept it and it was also given to Iya! Hmmmm...what a coincidence! Seems that Iya always accept the offer rejected by Denise!

Now that Rafael Rosell is paired with a new leading lady in the person of Iya Villania, do you like this new combination?! Do you think Rafael-Iya tandem will be loved by many people the way they did to 'Rafnise'?! And what loveteam name would you like to give to Rafael and Iya?!

Iya Villania in addition to Bangs Garcia and Kristel Moreno are the new sexy characters in "Kristine" that will be paired with its hot hunk leading men namely Zanjoe Marudo, Rafael Rosell, and JM De Guzman! Nice! They were really, really burning so hot! Ooh-lala! C",)

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  1. booo we want emerald

  2. We still want Denise... No one can ever replace her.

  3. emeral still the best, im not saying iya is not good or anything like that, but its always good to stick in the same character through the end.. since emerald was the main character she shouldn't be removed or replace..

  4. ABS-CBN should have not made a TV adaptation for this book series. They just ruin everything. I kinda appreciate it at first but now Emerald Fortalejo is out of the picture when she has one of the most important role in the story. It's not I don't like Iya but please
    respect what the viewers want. I dont even want to watch it anymore.

  5. yes, iya is so OA in kristine series thats why di na ako nanunuod 2 months na, di na maganda story, ang marco at emerald lang talaga ang nagpapaganda sa ks.