'Captain Barbell' Has New Costume!

The return of Richard Gutierrez as "Captain Barbell" in Telebabad this first quarter of 2011 is very exciting and much awaiting!

Besides having six leading ladies and a child sidekick, "Captain Barbell" has a new costume! Yup, the new costume of "Captain Barbell" is very different from the previous one Richard wore in the first installation of the fantasy series in 2006.

Below is how it looks like:

Since Richard Gutierrez once more portrays the role of "Captain Barbell", many speculated that no more thrill will be expected since same actor will play the role. But, they're wrong!

This new "Captain Barbell" will give us more surprises! Aside from the six new leading ladies and brand new costume, did you know that the pilot episode of this GMA's fantaserye will be in 3D?! Yup, it this will prosper, "Captain Barbell" though only in the pilot episode will be the very first 3D animated TV series in the history of Philippine television!

Well, are you excited now for the return of the new "Captain Barbell"?! What more can we expect for this hit male superhero in Primetime?! We'll wait and see! Nice one Richard! Exciting! C",)

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  1. bakit sya naka brief? laos na nga mga brief sa comics ginawa nyo padin na naka brief. LOL!

  2. lumiliit ang ulo ni barbell pag naka costume na. masyadong exaggerated yung fake muscles sa costume. it looks ridiculous and stupid!

  3. whatta hell!!! does richard even look in the mirror with his costume? his head shrinks like the size of a peanut with his costume on! the FAKE muscles are too exaggerated! if richard does not have the beef for a super hero, then they shouldn't have made him the lead superhero actor. and i personally think we have had enough of captain barbell... enough of this rebooting of franchises!