Camouflage Intensifies in 'Perfect Match'!

The hit Primetime Bida Koreanovela of Lee Min Ho called "Perfect Match" becomes more and more exciting every night! More and more camouflage and pretension come to intense level!

On last night's episode, Gino (Lee Min Ho) assumed that he is really a gay man! Charlie, the ex-boyfriend of Julianne who is also his project rival confronted him in-front of Director Choi and Julianne asking him if he is really a true gay man or he is just pretending to get the project! With no other choice, he admitted even though it's not true!

Charlie even accused Gino! But Julianne is on his way to save him! Julianne even spanks Charlie's face just to stop him in insulting Gino!

Director Choi's real personality was even discovered! Yup, he is really a gay man!

Knowing that Gino is also a gay person, Dir. Choi revealed his true identity to Gino. What more, he even admitted that he likes Gino! Gino was very shocked knowing the truth!

Arthur, Gino's friend and officemate also pretends that he is a gay and the lover of Gino! He already convinced Sharon, Julianne's bestfriend that he is truly a gay man! In fact, they call one another as "sis" or "sister"!

Now that Gino in full heart pretends that he is a gay, will there be a chance for the romance of him and Julianne?! Or will Julianne still fall for him even though she knows that he is a gay?! What will be the consequence to Gino's career and love life his camouflage revelation that he is a gay?! Will he succeed to get his goal by sacrificing his real identity?!

Well, these could be some of the exciting next chapters that we need to watch out in this cool light romantic Korean TV series "Perfect Match" every night in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida right after "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"! This TV series is really a stress-reliever! Very cool and full of fun and humor! You will really get hooked over it! Nice! C",)

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