Three Sexy Actresses in the New Book of 'Martha Cecilia's Kristine'!

The hottest and the sexiest primetime TV series called "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" is yet to close its first book. Very soon, the new book will open for the continuation of the love story of Bernard (Zanjoe Marudo) and Jewel (Kristine Reyes).

As the first book will close, more and more secrets and mysteries were revealed! And as the new book will open, new characters will enter the story!

Three new characters will become part of this hit sexy series. Yup, three sexy ladies! And definitely, three sexy actresses will play these three new roles! Who do you think they are?!

On the recent episode of "Kristine", Jewel finally discovered that her real mother is Stella (Sharmaine Suarez). Dramatic confrontations happened between Jewel and her known mom Ana (Angel Jacob) and between Jewel and her real mother Stella! It's very hard for Jewel to accept the truth!

Meanwhile, Bernard and Marco (Rafael Rosell) discovered that Alfon (Eric Fructuoso) is connected with Stella. Bernard then warned Jewel about this. But a fight took place between Bernard and Lance (Rayver Cruz) when Bernard told Jewel about their discovery!

Now that Jewel knew that she's not a real Fortalejo and they were not related with Bernard, will there be a second chance for their romance?! Then how about Lance now that he's the current boyfriend of Jewel?!

What will be the next chapters that await to the life and love story of Lance, Bernard, and Jewel?! Will the lives of Jewel and Bernard be put on threat since Margarita (Irma Adlawan) has an evil plan to kill them?! And what will be the role of the three sexy ladies in their lives?! How significant is their roles in this steamy TV series?!

We will find it all as the first book of "Kristine" closes and as the second one opens! Can you guess who will be the three sexy actresses that will join this top-rating TV series?! C",)

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