Poll Result: Kimerald Hails as the Hottest and the Most Favorite Loveteam!

Nothing can beat Kimerald! This love team of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson once more proves that it is the hottest and the strongest love team of this generation!

The result of our poll survey for the hottest and the most favorite love team is finally revealed! And Kimerald took the crown!

We could say that this year is a year of the love team battle! It is because, different love teams emerge and become popular. Besides Kimerald, other new love teams rise to fame like the Melason (Melissa Cantiveros and Jason Francisco) and the Enrich (Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales). Others still prosper and continue to have new projects like the Mattmel (Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks) and the Alkris (Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal).

Inline with this, we conducted the hottest poll survey that says, "Which of these today's hottest TV Love team is your bet?"!

And the result below:

As you can see, Kimerald got a landslide votes! Out of 1624 total votes, Kimerald got a victorious percentage of 44% or 727 total votes!

Meanwhile Enrich placed second to Kimerald as they got a 35% or 569 total votes!

To give you their complete ranking, see below:

1. Kimerald - 44% (727 votes)
2. Enrich - 35% (569 votes)
3. Melason - 15% (246 votes)
4. Alkris - 3% (59 votes)
5. Mattmel - 1% (23 votes)

This poll survey is the most participated one! Readers and visitors of this blog site really vote on this poll and even promoted their bet love team in other websites and in other social networking sites and forums. And from the five love teams, Kimerald emerge on top!

Though Kimerald is facing intrigues and trials as of these days, their tandem is still the strongest and most supported! Their latest movie which is "Till my Heartaches End" is continuously supported by more and more viewers each day.

Even the fans of Kim and Gerald even fight for their tandem though they cannot be together in real life!

If you will notice, the other love teams in this poll suddenly separated. Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks who comprise Mattmel is now doing separate projects and paired now with different stars. Even the Alkris, Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal now have different partners in their current TV series. Only remain as a pair today is the Melason and the Enrich! But look, now that Kimerald is yet to break, do you think Enrich will take their place as today's hottest love team?! Will you accept Enrich to replace Kimerald?!

But still Kimerald made a breaking-record love team in our generation. Their love team then and now is the hottest in terms of TV series as they got four top-rating teleseryes on Primetime, movies which were all blockbuster, print media as they got different billboards and magazine covers, and endorsements as they two dominate our TV screen from time to time with their different commercials!

Congratulations Kimerald! Keep it up and more power to the two of you! Excellent! C",)

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