Jake Cuenca Plays Another Superhero!

After playing a superhero with a supernatural power in the recently concluded hit TV series "Elias Paniki" which is the last installation of the first batch of "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla", the sexy hunk actor Jake Cuenca now plays another superhero character!

Yup, Jake Cuenca is the leading man of Marian Rivera in the upcoming Regal Films' 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Super Inday and the Magic Bibe"!

The said movie revival from Maricel Soriano's original seems a league of superheroes. Inday who is portrayed by Marian Rivera got a superpower every time she eats the duck's egg. She lead this league of superheroes!

Jake Cuenca is one of these superheroes! As you can see, Jake's costume is similar to Batman. He is wearing a black mask paired with his black outfit! Hmmm...is his character as a superhero really inspires from Batman?!

Below are his other pictures taken during their taping:

Aside from Jake and Marian, the other casts who also play as superheroes were John Lapus and Pokwang. John Lapus is a fallen angel who becomes a duck to correct his mistakes. Mylene Dizon is also part of the cast but she plays as a villain!

Jake is very much in-demand this year! After playing the twin-brother of Gerald Anderson in "Tayong Dalawa", Jake's career continuously soars in different fields! Playing Alejandro in the Mexiconovela adaptation "Rubi" and a dual character as Elias and Armando in "Elias Paninki" were his remarkable images for this year in the world of teleserye!

Next year, Jake will portray another challenging role in another Koreanovela remake "Green Rose" with Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales! Great one Jake! Keep it up! More power to you! You're definitely very hot! Oozing! C",)

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