Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "Lia"

And now were here in the second webisode of "Anino't Panaginip", the hidden chapters of "Imortal"!

If in the first webisode it showcased the young Matteo, this time this second one is all about the young Lia! What is the secret and mystery of this young Lia that even her didn't know?! Let's all discover!

At the young age, Lia loves to play and discover the wild forest. Every afternoon, she go in it and find the beast that threats the safety of the forest. She traces the nail prints of the wild beast in the tree!

One night the young Lia is about to find the real beast in the forest!

After the rain, she woke up from sleep and found herself undress! In the clear water, she saw the face of a werewolf! And got surprised seeing this werewolf!

Actually what she had seen was just his reflection! Yup at the young age, Lia can already transforms into a wolf! That's the uniqueness of Lia from the other werewolves! That's her special power that no one knows!

Well, let's all watch this second webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" entitled "Lia"! Let's all find out the mystery of this young little she-wolf! Again, thanks to 1chronicles49 for uploading this video! Another great hidden chapter! C",)

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