Good Prevails Over Evil in the 'Ilumina' Finale!

It's a war between the forces of good and evil in the ending of this GMA's hit fantasy series "Ilumina"! The white and the black sorcerers come face to face!

Crisanta (Jackie Rice) after having her second life return to her twin sister Romana (Rhian Ramos) and ask forgiveness to all the bad deeds she had done! Romana as well as the white sorcerers warmly accepted the bad girl turning good!

Afterward, the battle between the white and the black started!

Elvira (Jean Garcia) who lead the black sorcerers even replicated her twin sister Melina and merge with her in the middle of the fight!

But Elvira got surprised seeing Crisanta joining the forces of white sorcerers! Crisanta and Romana now lead the fight against their black counterparts!

The war between the bad and the good witches was full of action and magic. But in the end, still the white sorcerers got the victory! The black sorcerers left defeated!

The leader of the black sorcerers Elvira finally got her ending. She died without begging for forgiveness!

And finally, the powerful and the magical book called "Ilumina" was captured by the good hands. Crisanta and Romana returned the book to the white sorcerers! Their father Romano (Cesar Montano) also came alive from the stone statue. The family composing of Romano, Crisanta, and Romana finally live together happily!

For those who missed this last episode of "Ilumina", here is now your chance to watch the complete ending of this fantasy series!

Let's watch once more this action and magical ending of "Ilumina"! Great one! C",)

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