The Final Battle of the White Versus the Black Sorcerers in 'Ilumina'!

Who will prevail in the last battle of the forces of the black and the white Sorcerers?!

Two more nights to go and we will witness this great fight of the good against the bad witches! The black sorcerers lead by the most powerful now Crisanta (Jackie Rice) versus her sister who is now leading their white counterparts Romana (Rhian Ramos) will come face to face with each other!

On the recent episode, it seems that the white witches were defeated by these forces of evil! The black sorcerers finally got the powerful book of "Ilumina" which gave Crisanta and Elvira (Jean Garcia) great powers. The former leader of the white witches (Rochelle Panganiban) was defeated by their enemies! Now, it was only Romana that will pursue and spearheaded their fight against these devils!

Romana then has two responsibilities, to get the powerful "Ilumina" and to get the man she truly loves, Inigo (Aljur Abrenica)! But her former twin sister Crisanta will prevent her goals!

Will Romana finally won in this last battle?! What do you think will happen to the black sorcerers?! And who will sacrifice his/her life in this last episode of this fantaserye!

Well let's all first watch this teaser of the "Ilumina" finale before we witness its ending this coming Friday only in GMA's Telebabad! Let the force be with you! C",)

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