The Cool and Humorous Pilot Episode of Tagalog Dubbed 'Perfect Match'!

Today's hottest and most-loved Asianovela heartthrob Lee Min Ho finally made his comeback this week via their romantic-comedy or rom-con type Koreanovela, "Perfect Match"!

Last Monday, everybody was avidly watched the premiere episode of this new TV series in Primetime Bida. And each one of us were satisfied and exceed expectations watching this comeback series of this favorite Asianovela Superstar.

On its very beginning, you will really feel the humor and romance. Lee Min Ho is playing the character of the architect Gino. He accidentally met the character of Julianne one rush day. They ride together in one bus!

Since Gino is taking care of his Scale Model to prevent it from falling down, he accidentally touched the back of Julianne. Julianne then was very angry and accused Gino of being a maniac and taking advantage of her. Of course Gino denied it and explained that he is only protecting his plastic model which is also his source of income! Then the war started between these two persons in the bus!

Julianne intentionally destroyed the scale model of Gino. Then the girl ran away very fast!

Unexpectedly, Julianne and Gino were destined to meet again. In the showroom, Gino criticized the table design of Julianne which made the girl very angry. Another fight ignited the two!

What more, Gino and the current boyfriend of Julianne, the corporate man Charlie met. The two men were already in a word war because of a business reason in front of Julianne. This caused the prevention of Charlie's expected proposal to Julianne!

Missed this cool and crazy pilot episode?! Well worry no more 'caused I will share it with you!

Here is the complete Tagalized full pilot episode of "Perfect Match" as shown in ABS-CBN. Once more, let's sit back, relax, and feel the humor and romance as we watch this hit new Koreanovela of Lee Min Ho! Like it very much! Two thumbs up or all fingers up for this romace-comedy Asianovela! Very, very, nice! Cool! C",)

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