'Batibot' Returns on TV!

The legendary children's show finally returns on Philippine television starting this coming Saturday, November 27. TV5 brings back "Batibot"!

Together with Philippine Children’s Television Foundation, Inc. (PCTVF), the Kapatid network will reintroduce Batibot to the new generation. After 18 years, today's kids will get to know one of the best TV shows in Philippine television.

Here is the new "Batibot" logo:

"Batibot" is one of the best-known Filipino made children show. Yeah I admit, I am also one of the so-called "laking Batibot"! I was a nursery student when this show becomes so popular! I still remember Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing who led this cool kiddie show!

We may recall that "Batibot" is already aired on different TV stations. NBN-4, RPN-9, ABS-CBN, GMA-7 and now on TV5!

Though this will gonna be a brand new "Batibot", other popular characters were retained just like Manang Bola and her "perlas na bilog", Kapitan Basa, and the twin sister muffets Ningning and Gingging! Koko Kwikwak will be the main icon of this new "Batibot"!

Kuya Fidel (Abner Delina) and Ate Maya (Kakki Teodoro) will be the kid's new play buddies! They will help the children learn new things and explore new ideas!

So let's all catch this new "Batibot" every Saturday mornings from 8:30am to 9:00am only on TV5! Hmmm..I just wonder, why did they put it on weekend and not on weekdays? And why it is so short, only 30 mins?! Well, whatever the reason, let's be glad for the comeback of this hit kiddie show! Good luck! C",)

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