Andi Eigenmann Together with Her Father Mark Gil and Brother Sid Lucero in the Last Episode of 'Your Song Presents'!

On the first episode of "Your Song Presents Andi", the heiress of drama Ms. Andi Eigenmann works together for the first time with her real life mother Ms. Jacklyn Jose.

Now that this top-rating Sunday afternoon drama-anthology of Andi will about to close, another historical event is about to happen!

For the first time, the real life father, brother, and daughter will act together in one special TV program!

Yup, Andi's real-life father Mr. Mark Gil and her real-life brother Mr. Sid Lucero will be the special guests in the last episode of "Your Song Presents Andi" this afternoon.

The story is tailored to fit their real life situation. Mark Gil is the father of Andi's character in the story having another family. Sid Lucero is his son in that other family. It's hard for Andi's character to accept that his dad has other family!

Mark Gil is very proud and happy to work with his children! He is too blessed to have a daughter and son who were now both successful stars! Andi is now one of the hottest young stars while Sid is now an award-winning actor who has been recognized internationally!

This will gonna be another interesting and exciting episode of "Your Song Presents Andi" this Sunday afternoon as Andi's turn will close. From beginning to end, this TV program really created a remarkable legacy on TV since the first episode was Andi with her real-life mother and now on the last episode with her real-life father and half-brother! Very nice! We can't wait for this!

Hmmmm...when do you think a real-life family Andi, Mark, Sid, and Jacklyn will work together in one TV or movie project?! Will you like their combination? C",)

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