Wansapanataym's 'Cara' Trailer!

Now that we already knew the plot and the story of the third "Wansapanataym" installation, time now to see the trailer of it!

The award-winning actress and the favorite 'Primera Kontrabida' Ms. Alessandra De Rosi will have her first fantasy comic role in this ABS-CBN's returning fantasy anthology. Alessandra will be playing "Cara", the girl who had three heads!

The sexy hot hunk actor Mr. Jake Cuenca will be Alessandra's leading man in this mini-fantasy series. This is the reunion TV series of this two sexy stars after their hit series "Tayong Dalawa"!

Again just like the previous two, "Cara" is another two-part mini-fantasy series! After playing many villainous roles on TV, this is now the time to see Alessandra portraying a funny and magical 'bida' role!

Well, let's all watch the short trailer of this another enchanted fantasy anthology in ABS-CBN called "Cara"! Showing to you starting this Saturday night! Nice! C",)

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