Vote for the "2010 Best TV Series" through Facebook!

The very first major TV Series Craze Award called "Best TV Series of 2010" is getting wider and bigger. Besides voting here in this site (in the right side panel), now you can even exercise your rights to vote in Facebook!

Yup you heard it right! Now our current poll survey that will award the "Best TV Series of 2010" has two ways to garner votes. The first one is through your votes from this site and the other one through Facebook! Then how can you vote in Facebook?!

Well, it's very simple! Here are the very easy instructions:

1. First login to your Facebook account and locate the official TV Series Craze Fan Page. You may directly click HERE to prompt you to our official TV series site.

2. If you're not yet a TV Series Craze fan, click "LIKE" in our official fan page to be officially part of the growing number of TV Series Craze avid fans and viewers. This will enables you to receive daily updates and vote standings from this TV Series Craze site.

3. Now locate for the album entitles: Poll Survey: What is your Choice for the "BEST TV SERIES OF 2010?". Or you may directly click HERE to immediately prompt you to that page.

4. That photo album contains 27 TV series posters or pictures which correspond to the 27 TV series nominee for 2010.

5. To vote for your choice of "2010 Best TV Series", just click "LIKE" below the picture of your choice. Each click of "LIKE" in every picture/poster corresponds to a one vote!

6. At the end of the poll survey period, we will count those votes from Facebook then we will add them in the total votes garnered here this site. Mathematically speaking, the Overall Total Votes equals Facebook Total Votes (Likes) plus Total Votes from this site (in the topmost right panel).

7. Voting deadline and announcement of winner or winners will be on the second week of January 2011!

So which of these TV series is your bet?! Which do you think will get the first TV Series Craze Trophy bearing the title of "2010 Best TV Series"?! It's all in your hands! C",)

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