Rayver Cruz' Character in a Love Triangle with Jewel and Jaime in 'Kristine'!

New twist is yet to face by the blooming romance of Jewel (Cristine Reyes) and Jaime (Zanjoe Marudo) in the top-rating epic romance TV series from the No. 1 best-selling pocketbook, Martha Cecilia's "Kristine"! A third party will enter in their love story!

How will the new character which will play by Rayver Cruz affects Jaime and Jewel? Then how will it impact Zanjoe and Cristine in real life?!

Rayver Cruz will enter as the new character in this hit Primetime TV series of the Kapamilya network. He will be playing the role of Lance, a new character that will poster threats in the romance of Jaime and Jewel and will put conflicts in the lives of the main characters!

Don Leon Fortalejo (Lito Legazpi), the grandfather of Jewel will invite the long-time family friend Lance to a grand occasion, hoping that his visitor will get close with Jewel. Don Leon still stands in the way of Jewel and their driver Jaime’s closeness though he already accepts his granddaughter. He wants Lance for Jewel!

How will the intervention of Lance affects Jewel and Jaime? Will there's a chance for Jewel and Lance to be close the way how Jaime and Jewel becomes close?! And of course in real life, will Rayver affects the blooming closeness of Zanjoe and Cristine?! How will it affect the Team Zantine?!

Well, we will all see in the upcoming episodes of Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" this week only in Primetime Bida! Exciting! C",)

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