The Kimerald Movies, Will 'Till My Heartaches End Be Their Last?!

The latest Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson movie called 'Till My Heartaches End is already shown in different cinemas. And surprising to see that their fourth romance movie (under Star Cinema) from its premiere night until its second day, people keep coming and coming!

Noting that the hottest love team of this generation, the Kimerald right now is experiencing a great challenge in their relationship, still their movie is creating another big success!

Because of the conflict Kimerald have, many says that 'Till My Heartaches End will be their final movie! Sayang! Even their tandem is already on threat!

Since Kim and Gerald is about to separate, I compiled their five movies as part of commemoration to the one of the hottest love team Star Magic and ABS-CBN had produced. And these were the following:

"First Day High"

"I've Fallen For You"

"Shake, Rattle, and Roll X"

"Paano Na Kaya"

"Till My Heartaches End"

2006 right after they went out from the Big Brother's House, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's first movie under Star Cinema was "First Day High". They were two of the main characters in addition to Jason Abalos, Geoff Eigenmann, and Maja Salvador. It was a youth-oriented movie!

Then in 2007, their first romantic movie was launched. It was "I've Fallen For You" wherein they worked with the veteran actors like Amy Perez, Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Lotlot De Leon, and Albert Martinez.

In 2008, they became Regal babies as they took part in Metro Manila Film Festival's movie entry "Shake, Rattle, and Roll X". They were the main casts in the second episode called "Class Picture". This is Kimerald's first horror movie!

They opened 2010 with their another romance movie from their home network. This was "Paano Na Kaya" that gave an exploded welcome to 2010 as it was shown in January.

And now that we are already in the fourth and final quarter of 2010, another romance movie was offered by this hottest love team. "Till My Heartaches End" seems fit their current situation as they faced twists and conflicts in their relationship!

This latest movie seems to be their last! Even they love team is also about to end. Many people, many die-hard fans, and many viewers that really love Kimerald will be sad because of this upcoming threat.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson at their young age, for only four years in showbiz proved that they were already two of the important names to keep for! They really gave huge contributions not only in movie but also on TV, in print media, in endorsement, and in the world wide web! So sad if they will be separated!

But then, let's face the reality! They two have their own lives. Let's support them even individually! At the end, there is still sunshine after the rain! More power Kimerald or Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson! C",)

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