Get to Know the Original and the New Casts of 'Mara Clara'!

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"Mara Clara" is the most exciting TV series remake this year. Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Gladys Reyes were the original stars who portrayed Mara and Clara. Because of this soap opera, Juday and Gladys eventually rise in stardom!

Now in the remake of this hit TV series, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes will portray the new Mara and Clara. Other popular stars will join them to complete the whole cast!

Well, after you have watched the new teaser of "Mara Clara" showing the original and the new casts, I have listed down for you these original versus the new characters of "Mara Clara" for you to know them better!

So, let's get to know them:

Amante Del Valle
Bobby Andrews (New) / Juan Rodrigo (Original)

Ping Medina (New) / Dan Fernandez (Original)

Almira Del Valle
Dimples Romania (New) / Beverly Vergel (Original)

Susan Davis
Mylene Dizon (New) / Susan Africa (Original)

John Manalo (New) / Christopher Roxas (Original)

Albie Casino (New) / Wowie De Guzman (Original)

Gary David
Jhong Hilario (New)

Chocoleit (New) / Eagle (Original)

Gina Pareno (New Character)

So are you excited to see them portraying the new characters around Mara and Clara?! Yeah, definitely!

Jhong Hilario is now the new Gary David (formerly Gary Davis). The actor who played the original Gary in the TV series is already dead. He died in an accident way back in 1996. That's why in the movie version of "Mara Clara", it was Mr. William Martinez who portrayed the role of Gary.

Ms. Gina Pareno who will play the role of Lupe, the grandmother of Mara is an addition to the cast! Yup, in the original "Mara Clara", I didn't remember any character of Lupe or any grandmother of Mara. Lupe is an additional cast! Hmmm...can we expect some changes in the story or minor difference from the original series?!

And of course, the primary question that lies in our mind is that, will it also lasts for 5 years like the original one?! We'll see! But right now, all of us were really excited to see this brand new "Mara Clara"! We really can't wait on this! C",)

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