Four TV Series To End This Friday!

Not one nor three, but four! Yup, four TV series will have their concluding final episodes this Friday!

One from Kapuso and three from Kapamilya. Three from daytime and one from Primetime! Four girls will bid goodbye! Who are they? Here they are:

A Gigantic Finale of a Cute Little Girl!

A Scary Ending of A Hunchback Girl!

A Romantic Closing of a Band Girl!

A Song-Filled Conclusion of a Girl Superstar!

GMA-7's Sinenovela Presents "Trudis Liit" from the creation of Mars Ravelo will have a gigantic finale! The cute little girl Jhyllianne Warde, this generation's "Trudis Liit" will say goodbye to all the people who love her!

ABS-CBN's Hapontastic offering "Rosalka" will give us a scary ending! The story of Empress Schuck as Rosa, a kind-hearted hunchback girl will fight the evil Alka on her back to end up all the supernatural evilness which surrounded their lives!

A cool romantic Asianovela from the 'first and true home of Asianovela' network will share us a very inspiring closing! "He's Beautiful", a story of the boy band composing of three boys and one girl will bid goodbye giving us more surprises!

Then finally the musical TV series in Primetime Bida called "Idol" starring Sam Milby, Coco Martin, and the Pop Star princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo will serenade us with their song-filled concluding episode! This is the time when Billie finally chose between Lando and Vince!

So, which of these four TV series you will watch 'till the end?! Which of them seems will give you the most exciting and surprising finale?! Well, it's up to you to choose! Each of them really gives us a different genre! A drama series, a fantaserye, a Koreanovela, and a musicalpserye...its your choice! C",)

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