The Action-Filled Drama Pilot Episode of 'Mara Clara'!

Action and drama filled the pilot episode of this greatest TV series remake of 2010, "Mara Clara"! The beginning tells us not only how Mara and Clara came on earth but it also shows us the story behind their families!

Almira (Dimples Romania) was the former girlfriend of Gary (Jhong Hilario). Gary really loved Almira. Since Almira was rich, Gary's mother, Lupe (Gina Pareno) fully supported the Gary-Almira relationship.

But since Gary was a war freak and brutal, Almira eventually turned-off to Gary. And since Almira is about to go to US to finish her study due to scholarship, she broke up with Gary!

The break-up of Gary and Almira was too painful and lonely for Gary. But the absence of Almira paved the way for the relationship of Susan (Mylene Dizon) and Gary.

When Almira returned, Gary begged for her to accept once again his love. But it was too late since Almira was already engaged to Amante Del Valle (Bobby Andrews).

When Almira married Amante, Gary then decided to cameback to Susan. Susan and Almira at the same time got pregnant. Both of them gave birth to two healthy baby girls!

In the hospital happened not only the exchange of the two babies but the action-packed scenes of Gary with the policemen who wanted to capture him. Yup, Gary was a drug pusher so he was wanted by the law! What happens next?! Well, it's for you to watch!

Due to insisted public demand and by request, here once again the complete pilot episode of "Mara Clara"! It's such a very good pilot episode which we didn't all expect. It's quite more exciting and surprising than the original version!

So are you ready?! Let's all watch this! Nice one! C",)

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