Xyriel Anne Manabat Will Join 'Noah'!

The dream project and the much awaited combination of our two child wonders today will finally taking place! This generation's female and male child wonders will now be together in one hit fantasy TV series! Momay and Santino will be together in "Noah"!

Yup, Xyriel Anne Manabat will join Zaijan Jaranilla in "Noah"! Xyriel will play the role of Nica!

Who is Nica?! What will be her role in the life of Eli/Jacob?! How will she change the usual life Eli/Jacob have?! How important will be the role of Nica here in the story of "Noah"?

These were just some of the intriguing questions about the new character of Xyriel here in this hit top-rating fantasy TV series. As ABS-CBN shown the teaser of Xyriel's entry in "Noah", everybody really got excited about her!

So very, very soon, two child wonders of this modern generation Xyriel Anne Manabat and Zaijan Jaranilla will merge to give us more surprises and more exciting episodes in the one and only "Noah"! Let's all watch this Xyriel's teaser for Noah! I'm so excited for this one! C",)

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