Who Will Anthony Choose Between Devin and Mariz in the Last Episode of 'Impostor'?!

One of the hit romantic afternoon TV series called "Impostor" offered by Precious Hearts Romances Presents is about to face its final page this coming Friday. And everybody is really excited to see who between the two faces of Maja Salvador (Devin and Mariz) will the character of Sam Milby (Anthony) choose to be with him!

As the real Mariz cameback to the life of Anthony, Devin finds no place to Anthony's home. She then decided to return where she started. She even faced more and more confrontations from Mariz! Mariz then wished Devin to be out of their lives!

But the problem goes, Mariz becomes the impostor in the eyes and hearts of her husband and son. Her two boys want Devin than her!

If Devin is now suffering from heartache, what more for Mariz! Mariz even feels a double pain since her true self cannot be accepted by her family! Anthony and her only child prefer Devin than her!

But they didn't know that a big tragedy will going to happen. Mariz' elder sister (Precious Lara Quigaman) has a evil plan to kill Devin! She already commanded someone to take the life of Devin! So bad...!

Will Precious Lara's character win in pursuing evil deeds. Will Devin's life be save from danger?! And who will emerge as real...and as the impostor in the heart of Anthony?!

These were just some of the exciting chapters in the final episode of "Impostor" this coming Friday right after "Rosalka" only in ABS-CBN! Nice one! C",)

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