Poll Update: 13 Days To Go To Crown the 'Teleserye Queen'!

Thirteen days left before we can formally crown the reigning "Teleserye Queen"! Your choice is the winner!

On our poll survey that goes: "Who between these two should deserve to be crowned as 'Teleserye Queen'?", the battle revolves between Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Claudine Barreto!

Two Kapamilya homegrown talents, but one left her home for Kapuso! Who is your bet?!

As Ms. Claudine Barretto left the Kapamilya network, the crown and the title of being the "Teleserye Queen" was given to Ms. Judy Ann Santos by their home network! But for Claudine and for other avid telenovela viewers, they two should wear the crown!

So here in your favorite official teleserye site, I opened a survey poll to decide if Juday should really deserve the crown! For this months long survey, one of them leads a million miles!

Here is the current poll result standing:

Claudine Barretto - 163 (15%)

Judy Ann Santos - 911 (84%)

Will you agree to these current standing? Or you feel that your bet should win?! Ms. Judy Ann Santos lead over Ms. Claudine Barretto by a difference of 69%! Is there anymore chances for Claudine to beat Juday?!

Well, voting is still open! You can still cast your votes to give the crown title to your favorite actress! You still have 13 more days to express your thoughts!

So what are you waiting for...?! Vote now and give the crown to the one that you think deserves the title! Good luck! C",)

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