New Poll: The Two Hot Men of Sarah Geronimo in 'Idol'!

The hit musical TV series of the Kapamilya network called "Idol" is started creating its fame on TV. Three characters namely Vince, Lando, and Billie or Jean portray by Sam Milby, Coco Martin, and Sarah Geronimo were now loved by people!

Sarah Geronimo got two of the hottest sexy leading men today in the persons of Coco Martin and Sam Milby. But the problem goes, who between these two gorgeous hunks will Billie/Jean choose? Who's the hotter, who's the yummier?! Who between these two hunks would you prefer?!

Well I'll let you help our Popstar Princess to choose between these two men! Let's help Billie/Jean decide through our new poll survey!

With the poll survey that goes: "Who between these two gorgeous hunk leading men of Sarah Geronimo in 'Idol' would you choose for her?!", let's decide for our favorite Popstar Princess!

Will you prefer her rich childhood bestfriend named Vince (Sam Milby) who is secretly inlove with his bestfriend? Or will you like a boy-next door type man not blessed with wealth but he can do everything for his love and can earn for his living?!

Both of them have good looks! Both of them were really hot and blessed with perfectly gorgeous bodies! And both of them were really yummy and tempting but only differs in status in life. But only one of them will become the partner for life of Billie/Jean! Her destiny is in your hands!

Voting is now officially open! Cast now your votes between Coco and Sam! Will you love an Indie Prince or you will prefer a Prince of Romance?! Let your heart speak for Sarah! It feels so 'kilig' to the maximum level...! C",)

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