Meet the Three Main Stars of 'Idol'!

Three new characters and new love triangle will surely hit our Primetime! And of course they will sing us the rhythm of love as they star in a musical inspired TV series!

"Idol" is the new musical TV series of ABS-CBN inspired by the US hit musical TV series "Glee". Sarah Geronimo, Sam Milby, and Coco Martin comprised the three main stars of this soap.

Well, let's quickly know these three stars of "Idol" !


The prince of romance and the acoustic heartthrob Sam Milby will play the role of Vince. Vince is the bestfriend of Billie (Sarah Geronimo) who has a secrect feeling for his bestfriend. Vince is so much incline in music. He loves playing guitar. But her mother (Zsa Zsa Padilla) didn't like the interest of her son!

Bilie / Jean

Belinda or Billie is on her way to becoming the next singing idol when an unexpected turn of events suddenly force her to leave her showbiz life behind. Her family got a million debt to a family friend. Because they can't pay that big debt, Billie decided to camouflage herself as Jean in a far away province. There she will meet Lando.


Lando is played by the hot Indie Prince Coco Martin. Lando is a simple dedicated guy living in a province. He will meet Jean (Sarah Geronimo) and eventually falls in love with her!

Who will Billie/Jean choose as her man in the end?! Will it be her long time childhood friend Vince (Sam Milby) or her new found friend Lando (Coco Martin) that will protect her in her new life?! Well, this could be one of the exciting story to watch out in this new soap!

Aside from Vince, Lando, and Billie/Jean, the other characters that will turn our world upside-down were Agot Isidro as Laura, Zsa Zsa Padilla as Eleanor, Malou de Guzman as Sharona, Jessa Zaragosa‘ as Marimar, K Brosas as Rosalinda, Marissa Sanchez as Maria Mercedes, Robert Sena, Neil Sese as Samson, Jovit Baldivino, Van Roxas, Emmanuelle Vera and Tippy delos Santos!

So are you ready to see the next "Idol"! Wait no more 'coz this will start airing tomorrow night in Primetime Bida right after "Noah"! C",)

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