The Final Destiny and Judgement in 'Basahang Ginto'!

The top-rating afternoon sinovela of GMA-7 starring Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann will mark its final episode today!

Mars Ravelo's "Basahang Ginto" finale is set to give another breath-taking ending that viewers would never forget! Will destiny favors the fate of Orang (Carla Abellan)? Will she ends up together with Danny (Geoff Eigenmann)? Or will Danny ends up with another woman?!

As the final teaser emphasized, "Kung sino man ang hahadlang sa kasalang ito magsalita na o manahimik na lang habang buhay...!" , the ending will focus on the wedding of the main characters!

Yup, Danny is set to marry another woman. But will Orang fight for Danny?! Will she fights for the only man she loves?!

Now that the truth about Ising’s (Rita Avila) death is out in the open, how will Rosenda (Aiko Melendez), Orang’s (Carla Abellana) biological mother, save her daughter from completely losing the man she loves? Can Rosenda change the life of her daughter?!

And of course just like in every story, everybody really awaits for the karma of the bad villains?! Will they able to pay all the bad deeds they gave to Orang as well as to the life of the other casts?!

These were just some of the most exciting things to watch out today in GMA-7's Dramarama as the book of "Basahang Ginto" finally closes! Will the good one get the good Karma?! It's for us to find out! C",)

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