Unveiling The Dark Past in the 'Kristine' Series Pilot!

The dark past, the story behind the mortal fight of the Fortalejo and Da Silva family had been unfold in the pilot episode of this Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" Series!

It's such a breath-taking beginning has been seen when two families fight one another. A tragic death during the wedding ignited the great war in the elder generation of these two families!

The story of the past were shown via flashbacks! The plot actually started between the two sisters Jewel (Cristine Reyes) and Emerald (Denise Laurel)!

We all see that the elder sister of Jewel is so adventurous! She really wants to explore and find new things! She wanted to know the secret of the past!

Emerald wants to find something outside their house. She wants to go to the Villa Kristine and finds something! She even escaped from her sister Jewel who used to guard her!

Well, the next part of the story is for us to watch! Here is the complete pilot episode of Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Kristine"! What then can you say about this pilot episode?! C",)

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