Three New TV Series To Premiere Today!

After three TV series ended last week, three new ones will start today! Yup, it's another TV series marathon with these four new stories!

Again, two TV series are from Kapamilya while the other one is from Kapuso! And, two of these new shows were Koreanovelas while the other one is our very own Pinoy teleserye!

So, ready to know them? Here they go:

What if one of a boyband's member is a girl pretending to be a boy?

How Far Will Destiny Lead the Fate of This Two Brothers?

Will Love Still Prevails Amidst of War Between These Four Hearts?

A brand new Hapontastic block will be seen today as a brand new Koreanovela called "He's Beautiful" will be the first one to start! It's a story of a boyband wherein one of their member is pretending to be a boy for a certain purpose!

Another new Koreanovela filled with heavy-drama and action will also premiere in GMA Telebabad replacing "Queen Seon Deok" . It's called "East of Eden", a Korean drama about two brothers separated by fate!

Then in Primetime Bida, another best-selling pocketbook story of Ms. Martha Cecilia is about to witness! It is "Kristine" series, a story of two struggling families but eventually their youngest generation members will fall in love with one another! Zanjoe Marudo, Denise Laurel, Rafael Rosell, and Cristine Reyes lead the main characters!

So great! It seems that this day is a very special Premiere Night as three new soaps will have their pilot episodes! Which of these three will you avidly watch?! Which of them is your favorite?! And which of them is truly 'kaabang-abang'?! Well, it's for us to find out today in Hapontastic, Telebabad, and Primetime Bida!

Both Kapuso and Kapamilya will celebrate as both of them have a new TV series to get proud with! Congratz to these both networks! Keep it up...! C",)

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