All Things Back in Proper Places in the Final Episode of 'Maling Akala'!

The truth finally prevails and all things go back in their respective proper places!

This is how we can conclude the sixth and the final episode of this crazy-cool comedy Sunday mini-series called "Maling Akala" which was brought to us by Your Song Presents!

At first, it smells tragedy during the unfolding of the mystery! But afterward, a good thing follows!

Buena (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) and Yen (Kim Chiu) finally talked to the real Carl Anda (Van Roxas) and revealed the truth! They even tell why they made their pretensions! Carl understands their side and accepts their explanations and apology! Carl even gave money to Buena so that they can pay all their debts!

Together with Carl, Buena pays all their debts! Now they can return to their original own home freely!

But before the happy ending, a tragedy happened! Attorney Mark (John Apacible) gunshot Yen during the confrontation and revelations of their camouflage! Alex Castro's character is about to save Yen but it's too late!

Fast forward, Attorney was finally captured by the policemen! Yen and Buena then returned to their poor but happy life! And of course, it smells romance between the character of Kim Chiu and Alex Castro!

Well, do you enjoy the show?! In short, a happy ending still serves as the consequences in the characters of the story! So, let us all witness the very good happy ending of "Maling Akala"! Another great episode from Your Song Presents! Congtraz! Two thumbs up! C",)

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