The 'Aja Asianovela' Official Music Video!

The upcoming new Asianovelas on ABS-CBN were really exciting and worth-watching! They didn't just only launched a teaser or trailer of these new Asian series. Rather, they even created an official theme song of these with a cool music video. The song called "Aja Asianovela" marks the return of Asianovela on the Kapamilya network!

What more, they even formed a new boyband called A-Pop who sings its official theme song! Jaco Benin, Nel Gomez, Young JV, and Sam Concepcion were the four hottest teen stars today who comprised the said group! Hmmm...they remind us of F4, the most popular trademark and legacy of these Asianovelas! =)

The music video is so nice and impressive! The settings, the lyrics, and the way how A-Pop sings really lead us to the world of Asianovelas! Even the winter which reminds us of the different Asian series was shown in the music video. And of course, who can't forgot the word "Aja" which symbolizes a Koreanovela or an Asianovela! Yup, I still remember "Lover In Paris" and "My Girl" wherein this word originates!

And of course, with this new boyband called A-Pop, the Philippines has now a group that may counter the different K-Pop groups! With this video, A-Pop shows a word-class performance! Great one!

So after we watched the full teaser of the upcoming new Asianovelas of ABS-CBN, time now to view the official music video of its theme song. Kapamilya network once again proves that they were really the "first and true home of Asianovelas"! Nice one Kapamilya! Keep it up! C",)

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