'Tayong Dalawa' Love Triangle in a TV Coffee Commercial!

Missing the "Tayong Dalawa" love triangle?! Well once again, the two David Garcia, JR and Dave together with Aubrey were reunited via a cute creative coffee TV commercial!

Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, and Kim Chiu were once again reunited in the latest Nescafe TV commercial.

But on the said TV commercial, Gerald better known as JR in their previous TV series and Jake who played the role of the other David Garcia known as Dave were not a rival anymore. They didn't anymore fight for Aubrey (Kim Chiu). Rather, JR and Aubrey were a sweet love team in the said commercial. Dave or Jake were alone in the other seat and looking for a love team! Gerald and Kim even advice Jake on how he can look for his partner!

And before the commercial end, a gay extra on the commercial offered himself to be Jake's love team! They two end up laughing! So nice! Haha...

Well, for you to see, here is the Kimerald with Jake Cuenca coffee TV commercial. It's so light and full of humor! Enjoy! C",)

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