Starstruck Final 4 Star in Lovebug's 'Exchange of Heart'!

It's time to shine for the Starstruck Final 4 this Sunday as the limelight and spotlight turn on them in the next installation of GMA-7's Sunday afternoon romance mini-series called "Lovebug"! Sarah Lahbati, Steven Silva, Diva Montelaba and Enzo Pineda are the main casts in the new love story entitled "Exchange of Heart"!

After the first two episodes of Lovebug wherein shot in two different places outside Manila namely in Hongkong for Dennis Trillo-Carla Abella's episode called "Last Romance" and the "Wish Come True" episode of Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga shot in Singapore, this time Lovebug will take us in the scenic island of Camiguin.

What's so exciting about this month's flavor?!

Well of course fresh new faces will be seen! Thanks that these four new showbiz freshmen finally got their first TV starer after Starstruck V.

Sarah Lahbati and Diva Montelaba will be paired with co-StarStruck finalists Steven Silva and Enzo Pineda, in one way or another.

Then why the story is called "Exchange of Heart"? Sounds intriguing isn't it?! Well, let's take a look on the short synopsis of the story!

Rachel (Sarah) and Tim (Steven) are childhood friends with their respective parents hoping that a romantic relationship would blossom between the two. But Rachel is committed to Emil (Enzo) while Tim has Barbie (Diva) as his girlfriend.

But both the parents of Tim and Rachel really want their two kids to have a relationship. Their mothers plan to send Rachel and Tim in a planned vacation to Camiguin but with their respective partners. At first, Rachel and Tim keep on arguing. But later on, they find themselves falling with each other!

How about their respective partners? Emil and Barbie later on also find themselves falling in love deeply with one another. Until these four people end up having different partners! Rachel is now inlove with Tim while their former partners Emil and Barbie were now falling on each other! Hmmm...seems that a crossroad of love! Yeah, it's truly an exchange of heart! =)

What then will be the consequence of exchanging partners?! Will Rachel and Tim's parents finally be happy now that their children were inlove with each other?! Did these four persons now find fulfillment in the arms of their accidental changed partners?! Well, let's all find out and feel their romance this Sunday afternoon after "Party Pilipinas" only in GMA-7! C",)

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