'Marina', 'Mulawin', and 'Dyosa' Unite in One Big Movie Project!

Who thought that these three cannot be together?! The country's hottest fantaserye icons were finally merged into one great movie project! "Marina", "Mulawin", and "Dyosa" were joined together not in a new telefantasya but in a real-life movie!

I couldn't believe that the former spoof of Michael V. in "Bubble Gang" called "Marilawin" which put together the two hit fantasy series of GMA-7 and ABS-CBN which were "Marina" and "Mulawin" will be put now in a reality! We can say, "dati spoof lang sa gag show...ngayon totoo na...!" What more, even the so called 'nag-iisang' Dyosa even joins them.

Richard Gutierrez as Mulawin's Aguiluz!

Anne Curtis as the nag-iisang Dyosa!

Claudine Barreto as the well-loved Marina

Claudine Barretto, Richard Gutierrez, and Anne Curtis, the famous fantaserye characters were combined in one big movie project of GMA and Viva Films called "In Your Eyes"!

But in this movie, they wouldn't anymore play as Marina, Mulawin, or Dyosa. Rather, they will play as Ciara, Storm, and Julia. It is a story of two sisters Ciara (Claudine) and Julia (Anne) who were separated apart since Ciara is working abroad. After eight years, Ciara and Julia reunites.

Storm (Richard) is Julia's boyfriend. Though have no definite plan, Storm joins Julia. In a desperate move for Storm to gain immigrant status, Julia asks Storm to enter into an arranged marriage with Ciara, who is now an American citizen. This started the conflict!

Julia live alone in the country while Storm is in the foreign land with her sister Ciara. Julia and Storm drifted apart. On the other hand, while struggling life abroad, Storm finds comfort with Ciara. Spending time together led Ciara and Storm for an unexpected love affair!

Well, what can you say about the story?! If on TV, Marina, Mulawin, and Dyosa fought one another for popularity and TV rating, this time in a movie, they will battle for love! They were loving each other but will compete for one love! Exciting!

So let us reminisce back the fame brought by these three fantaserye characters in a one collaborative movie event this year! It's really a one must see movie to date! Great one! C",)

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