The 'Light and Easy' Finale of 'Gimik 2010'!

This generation's hit youth oriented show "Gimik 2010" bid goodbye this afternoon! The avid fans of this hit Sunday afternoon TV series cast their bets on who will be Jessy's man on the end. Will it be Franco (Franco Daza) or Lance (Lance Christopher)?!

At the beginning of the this ending episode, truth finally prevails. Jessy (Jessy Mendiola) already knew the truth between Franco and his parents as his father revealed that it was not Franco's fault. Knowing the truth, Jessy immediately go to find Franco.

On the beach confrontation, took place between Jessy and Franco. Until Lance came and had a fight with Franco, But still, the two guys set aside their rival as Jessy explained her feelings. Lance even beg that Jessy will love him the way Jessy love Franco!

To cut the story short, these three people eventually separated. And after two years, they got a reunion and once again see each other!

On the other hand, the young boyfriend of Gina (Gisselle Toengi), Jiro finally gave the girl to her husband Gary (Diether Ocampo). Jiro let go of his feelings!

Well, will you able to guess in this ending who between Franco and Lance Jessy chose?! Hmmm...I won't tell by now until you watch this so called "light and easy" finale of "Gimik 2010"! Let's watch and see! C",)

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