Jon Avila Returns as a Hot Villain in 'Impostor'!

A hot hunk model actor Jon Avila returned as a villain in the top-rated afternoon TV series "Impostor"!

Playing the role of Julio, Jan Avila will threatened the sweet love story of Devin (Maja Salvador) and Anthony (Sam Milby)! How will a hot man like Jon make the life of the main cast miserable?!

As the role of Mariz, the original character of now called "Drama Sweetheart", Ms. Maja Salvador exploded together with Julio in the car accident, we all expect that Julio died together with Mariz. But lately, Julio came back on the story but now having a burned face! He promised to destroy the love affair of Anthony and the impostor Devin knowing that Devin is the real Mariz whom he loved before! will Julio make the life of the two main character miserable?! Can he once again broke their romance like he did before?!

Jan's role as Julio in the story is his very first role as a villain or as a 'kontrabida'! According to him, his role now is very much challenging!

And did you also know that this is not the first time that Maja Salvador and Jan Avila work together in a TV series?! Yup, Maja and Jan were first teamed in a fantasy series called "Kapitan Boom", a Mars Ravelos's Komiks Presents series! In that comic series, Jan plays the superhero "Kapitan Boom", the alter ego of the person character of Jay-Ar Siaboc!

So let us see how this most-loved hunk turned to be the most-hatred character in the top rating TV series "Impostor", an installation of Precious Heart Romances Presents! C",)

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