'Illumina' Will Set Primetime on Witch Magic!

This coming Monday, a new telefantasya will set our Primetime TV habits with a magical story about witch and sorcerers! This is the GMA's Telebabad new offering called "Illumina"!

Just like an ordinary TV series, a new love triangle but wrapped in magic will be seen. Jackie Rice, Aljur Abrenica, and Rhian Ramos will be the new combination that would turn our world upside down!

Well before we watch the pilot episode on this new soap, better know first its cast and characters! Here are some of the main characters in this new Telebabad fantaserye:

Aljur, Jackie, and Rhian playing Inigo, Krisanta, and Romana!

Cesar Montano's comeback as the Farmer Romano

One of the Dual Role of Jean Garcia as the kind Melina

The Wicked Jean as Elvira!

The Loving Wife and Mother Ara Mina as Elsa

Jhake Varga's Primetime Comeback as Eliseo

Rhian Ramos and Jackie Rice will be playing the role of the twin Romana and Krisanta. At first they were Siamese. But after an operation, they will be separated. But one of them will be a bad witch while the other is a good one!

These two twins will be fighting one another for power and for love! Aljur playing Inigo will be the love interest of these two girls!

Meanwhile the comeback of Cesar Montano in the Kapuso station lead him to the role of Romano, a simple farmer and the father of the twins! His wife is Ara Mina.

Jean Garcia plays a dual role in this TV series. One good and one bad! Her role as the wicked Elvira wants to get the "Illumina" to gain a special indestructible power! She will use the two twins to get her desire!

On the other hand, Mr. Christopher De Leon also has a special role in this fantaserye. He is the philanthropist who will perform a special operation to separate the Siamese Romana and Krisanta! And of course, today's teenage crush ng bayan Jhake Vargas is also part of this soap! I will sure every teener will love to watch Jhake in his new show!

Well, it's gonna be another exciting thing that would happen in our teleserye viewing hobby as this new show will start this Monday! It's a sure full of magic and special effects! Cool! C",)

(Photos Courtesy of: starmometer.com)

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