Angel Locsin Soars Higher in the 2010 FHM Victory Party!

This year's FHM Sexiest Woman in the World Ms. Angel Locsin together with the other sexy ladies chosen by the people celebrated their victory party. No dull moment for everyone as the sexiest women in the world showed their stuffs to all the people who admire them. But of course the most fascinating and the most awaited part is the coming out of this year's title holder!

Everybody really got captivated as the young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin came out on stage flying with wings. Angel Locsin soared higher in the event!

The show reminds us of Alwyna and an Angel Sent by Heaven!

Angel Locsin on Top of All the Sexiest!

Everyone reminded of Alwyna, the first-ever hit fantasy series of Angel Locsin as she came out flying with wings. Or definitely, everyone thinks that she's an angel sent by heaven!

With a black dress, the sexy figure of Ms. Angel Locsin stands out. Her white Angel's wings and the way she made her entrance captivated the attention of the crowd. After she soared, she even inspired the audience as she made her catwalk ramp on the stage showing that she's the sexiest woman today!

Reporters even said that "ano masasabi mo ngayong nabawi mo na or nabalik na sa'yo ang korona...?" Angel just smiled and say, "lahat naman kami dito pantay-pantay, walang first, second, third...! Everybody deserves it!"

On the said event, it was noticed that the second placer Ms. Cristine Reyes was absent on the show. But then Angel clarified that there's no conflict or rivalry between the two of them.

Truly the show concluded successfully! THe "Imortal" star Angel Locsin on the said night was really remarkable to all. Her outfit really fits the icon we know as Angel Locsin! She's definitely one true beautiful and humble Angel sent by heaven. Keep it up Ms. Angel Locsin! More blessings to come...!!! C",)

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