Will Robbie Die in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"?!

Eight days to go and the TV series called "ang teleseryeng lalabag sa batas ng pagmamahal" will finally bid goodbye! But before if finally face its final curtain, more and more tragedies, challenges, and different surprises are about to witness!

Earlier, it was the character of Frank (Albert Martinez) passed away as he was gunshot by the gang of his father, Supremo (Ronaldo Valdez).

Now the major question in the mind of the avid televiewers and from the Kimerald fanatics, will Robbie (Gerald Anderson's character) will the next to die?!

Determined to know the truth in the mysterious killing of his parents way back from his childhood year, Robbie decided to camouflage himself as an organ donor. He really undergone the surgical operation to unveil the real truth.

But in the hospital, he will have an encounter with Ringo (Coco Martin) right after the operation. Weak and bloody, he will still fight the known brother of his wife Gwen (Kim Chiu).

But then the most awaiting part is the scene where Robbie was unconsciously lying and his wife Gwen keep on crying on him! Will Robbie really die in the story?

Well if in their previous hit soap "Tayong Dalawa", we all cried as Kim Chiu's character Audrey died because of an illness, will in this new series "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" Gerald Anderson's role as Robbie on the other hand will die?! Will it be another tragic ending for the Kimerald couple?!

Hmmm...we will all see if their love story will last forever in this new soap! But even though if Robbie will die, still the story of this soap is really remarkable. Kimerald created another mark in the history of Philippine television via this another hit TV series KTM! The sad thing is, this said TV series that we all love is about to end! Robbie, Gwen, Ringo, together with the other casts will finally say goodbye to all of us! But still they will end holding the victory! Good luck KTM and Kimerald! Another awesome project! C",)

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