Will Enchong and Erich Be More Sexier This Time?!

Too hot to handle...!!! As time passes by, these two young stars become hotter and sexier!

Now that there were part of a fashion themed TV series, will Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales become more sexier this time? Will they become more seductive than expected?!

In their previous hit soap opera "Tanging Yaman", we all witness the different sexy scenes of Erich and Enchong better known as Enrich or Cherie as a love pair. They made many inspiring sexy scenes as a pair specially in the beach episode. Individually, they even exposed their sexy hot bodies that really made everybody inspires.

Well honestly speaking, they really have the guts to show! Deny it or not, they are really hot and sexy. They were naturally blessed with a body to die for! As you can see, Enchong Dee is a really hot young hunk with muscles and abs! And of course, his leading lady Erich Gonzales is truly a sexy babe. With her fitness and slimness, she will be a promising next FHM's sexiest!

Now that they were part of the recently started fashionserye "Magkaribal" where they both play glamorous models, will we expect a more body exposures from them?! Can we witness sexier and hotter Enchong and Erich with or without clothes?!

Definitely, we will! Enchong and Erich were really sexy, hot love team today! Seeing them as a pair or as an individually actors, they were really possess a hot property! Keep it up Enrich! C",)

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