Sam and Maja Go Sexy in the Swimming Pool Scene in PHR Presents 'Impostor'!

Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Impostor" keeps on making the viewers hook with the program. Consistently, this TV series is a top-rated for the daytime program! Well, what made the show truly love by people?!

According to many, Sam Milby and Maja Salvador posted a perfect chemistry in the said show. "Talagang nakakakilig silang dalawa..."! What more this week...Sam and Maja will really hook the eyes of the viewer after they expose their sexy bodies! Wow! =)

This week is the much-awaited sexy pool scene of the Prince of Romance Sam Milby and the Drama Sweetheart Maja Salvador. Both Sam and Maja will expose their sexy bodies! Again, they will make our afternoon really hot, hot, hot!

According to the source, it was Sam who teaches Maja how to swim! Sam always takes care her leading lady Maja. On and off cam, they were really sweet!

On the next episodes of this No. 1 afternoon soap, Devin, the impostor (Maja Salvador) is being black-mailed by Mariz' sister (Precious Lara Quigaman). She commanded Devin to get back the wealth from Anthony (Sam Milby) unless she will tell the truth to Anthony! No choice for Devin, she will do all just to protect her real identity.

On the other hand, Anthony was surprised with the new Mariz (Devin, the impostor). He got amazed that Mariz can even prepares him a coffee which she didn't did before! And Devin is really falling deeply in love now with Anthony!

Looks like the story is getting more 'kilig'! But what will happen if Anthony finds that the woman she is loving truly is an impostor?! Well, we will all find out in the next exciting episodes of PHR Presents "Impostor" everyday right after "Rosalka"! Our temperature really rise this week! Haha! C",)

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  1. kakakilig naman sina samaja sana real ending sila dalawa