New Poll: The Three New Drama Princesses!

Three new drama princesses eventually rise after their launching soaps become so successful. New fresh, young faces now dominate our TV screen!

Erich Gonzales, Andi Eigenmann, and Empress Schuck...who is your bet?! Who do you love the most? Who among them shines the brightest?!

Erich Gonzales became famous after her first TV series called "Katorse". All didn't expect that this teleserye remake from the Dina Bonnevie-Gabby Concepcion movie of the same title was very much accepted by viewers! It consistently became a top-rater in 2009 that's why Erich was immediately given a follow-up soap via "Tanging Yaman" which is also another top-rater. Then she is also one of the cast in the upcoming Gretchen Barretto-Bea Alonzo soap "Magkaribal"!

Andi Eigenmann is also a new comer who is now conquering the TV series world! "Agua Bendita" which replaces the top-rated inspirational series "May Bukas Pa" surpassed the success of this Zaijan 'Santino' Jarantilla soap. It really defeated all the primetime TV series with a very high TV ratings both in the Nationwide and Mega Manila surveys. It consistently at No. 1 which no one can defeat. That's why Andi was offered a movie contract by Regal Films. Andi also now appears in different commercials.

And just recently, Empress Schuck was launched in an afternoon drama-fantasy series called "Rosalka"! From its pilot episode 'till now, "Rosalka" is a consistent top-rater in the daytime TV ratings race. Still both in Mega Manila and Nationwide, "Rosalka" tops its rival! Everyone also appreciated the acting talent of Empress who gives life to the role of a mysterious hunchback! And Empress is now endorsing different commercial products.

Therefore now the poll question goes: "After being successful with their launching TV series, who among these three new drama princesses shines the brightest?" It's time now to cast your votes among these three!

And to note, all these three ladies already appeared on TV before but not that shined. Erich is an SCQ Grand Questor, Andi is a former PBB Housemate, and Empress is a former Star Magic child star. Hmmm...seems that there is a common factor among these three!!! C",)

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